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Work Uniforms make the best Halloween costumes. No, really!

Posted on October 03 2016

October is one of our favorite months here at Working Duds. Why, you ask? Halloween! While we are proud to provide uniforms for hard working men and women throughout the country, we can’t help having fun with all the ways those uniforms can be turned into a DIY Halloween costume. During Halloween week, we love experimenting with different ways to create an easy costume using our uniforms and a few props you can easily find at a Halloween store. Here are some of our favorites:

  • A chef: Throw on a chef coat, some checked pants, and a chef hat and you are good to go.  You can take it one step further and throw some flour on your face for good measure. This uniform is so widely known, everybody will know what you are dressed as.
  • Michael Myers from Halloween: This scary character is often shown wearing a coverall and white mask. You are guaranteed to keep terrified kids up at night.
  • A doctor (or zombie doctor, or scary doctor): Start with a lab coat, and get creative. You can add a fake stethoscope, or a doctor’s bag. If you want to make the outfit scarier, you can add fake blood or dirt (or both!).
  • Member of the Dharma Initiative (from the show “Lost”): Throw on a tan coverall and call it a day.

There are many more ways to get creative with your DIY Halloween costume. We’d love for you to share some of your ideas with us at #workingduds.  Have fun!


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