Five Reasons To Outfit Your Employees in a Uniform

Posted on June 14 2016

Uniforms are commonly found in the hospitality, healthcare, and industrial industries. There are many business benefits that uniforms provide.  Studies have shown that customers trust employees more and perceive a higher quality level if the employees are wearing uniforms.  Today, all sizes and types of businesses can easily incorporate employee uniforms into their business model as there are a wide variety of options and sources available. Here are what we think are the top five reasons wearing a uniform at work is important:

  1. Safety and Protection:  Not only do uniforms provide a great image for your business, if the right uniform is selected, it can provide additional safety for your employees and customers. For example, traditional chef coats are long sleeved, and designed to cover a chef’s arms to protect from heat. The long sleeves also prevent arm hairs from falling into your customer’s food. Chef hats provide this same food safety benefit.  Additionally, uniforms add a level of security to your workplace. A person without a uniform will certainly be more identifiable as a person who should not be in the workplace.

  2. Professional and Consistent Appearance: Remember that study we mentioned above? Customers clearly respond well to a workforce in uniform.  Uniforms provide a consistent look for your business, and employees are easily identifiable to customers.

  3. Dress Code: We all know it can be difficult to enforce dress codes in the workplace, and enforcing it requires constant monitoring. How about you bypass all of that by having employees wear selected uniforms that meet dress code requirements? Long, solid colored pants required in your work place? No problem. Do you want all your employees to wear a covering garment over their regular clothes? Offer them a standard utility coat or lab coat. Pre-determined and required uniforms take the guesswork out of a dress code.

  4. Employee Teamwork: Uniforms are a great way to get your employees to feel part of the team. If everybody is wearing similar professional clothing, it can increase a sense of teamwork and belonging.

  5. Brand Differentiation: You want your customers to remember your brand, right? A well thought out uniform is a great way to differentiate yourself from your competitors and helps build a story around your brand.

It is clear that outfitting yourself or your employees in a uniform provides a wide range of benefits to both your business and your team.  Are you uniforms a part of your business?


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