Trends in Kitchen shirts

Posted on June 01 2016

The old standard in kitchen shirts is facing some new competition. Gone are the days where the cooks all wear white cook shirts. With more and more restaurants designing open kitchens and other elements that allow diners to see the people who make their food, restaurants have become more mindful of the image their cooks present and are expanding their options.

Don’t get us wrong, the standard cook shirt is a great option.  Kitchen whites will forever be a classic uniform, and nothing screams that your kitchen is spotless and safe than a line cooking wearing a clean, white shirt. Many cook shirts come with snaps, which can help prevent loose buttons from accidentally falling into your customer’s meal – a food safety issue to be avoided! And let’s not forget that standing in front of a grill all day is a hot job – the lightweight fabric and short sleeves of the standard kitchen shirt are a welcome respite to many cooks working long hours in hot kitchens. 

But, it’s nice to know you have some options to make your staff stand out and match your brand.  One of the biggest trends in kitchen wear is switching to kitchen blacks.  A nice black kitchen shirt can really up the image of a food service establishment. If cooks do tend to get their shirts dirty, black will hide the mess much better than white. And if your cooks are walking through the dining room for anything, they will most likely blend in with the crowd more.  These shirts often come in the same lightweight and breathable fabric that the white shirts are made with.  

Another big trend is swapping out a kitchen shirt altogether. We’ve seen cooks use standard short sleeved industrial shirts for some of their cooks who will be seen in the kitchen.  To customize further, you can select a color shirt that matches your restaurant décor, add on a logo or patch, or incorporate a unique bib or waist apron. 

Determining what to outfit your kitchen staff in is no longer a question of white or white. There are many options to create stylized, functional, and on-brand looks for your staff.


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